Nike House of Innovation -
Phantom Trial Experience

CGI film
Professionnel project


With Uncanny Valley Studio
FX Artist - Alexandre Gache
Title Design - Marin Scart
3D Artist - Nina Blagojevic

Unreal Engine
DaVinci Resolve

Along with an interactive installation in Paris and London, Nike asked Uncanny Valley Studio to direct fully CGI films to illustrate the user journey to the participants.
I helped them directing them and here is one of the film we produced which goal is to introduce the installation.



I'm a freelance CGI Artist, Director and Interactive Designer based in Paris. I mainly work on musical, fashion and luxury projects.
As a multidisciplinary designer, I am able to work on a variety of projects, be it video, image or interactive installation.
I also teach 3D Design at Gobelins, l'école de l'image, in Paris, and make music passionately under CHMSTRY.

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