Redline new campaign
Client Redline Paris
Collective Stü

"Redline" is a jewellery design company based in Paris. This family business wanted to showcase its creative universe through a 3D video that would be displayed on the inside of their jewel boxes. This video would also be shown at a jewellery show at Geneva, Switzerland.
What came up most often in our discussions with Redline's team was the notion of traveling through the universe of the brand, by following the red thread throughout the video. So we imagined a storyboard in which we would follow this thread, entering into
a snow-covered world. The spectator is thus invited to discover what the brand has to offer.

3D Modeling & Animation Rémy Bourçois - Jean-Baptiste Krauss
Storyboarding Alexie Kajpust
Editing & Post Rémy Bourçois - Jean-Baptiste Krauss
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