Ekur, the immersive story of the cubist orant
Field Immersive web experience
Type School Workshop
Gobelins, l'école de l'image

Le Musée du Louvre asked us to work on their new exhibition "L'archéologie en bulles" which combines archaeology with comics. We had to choose a piece from the exhibition and create an immersive experience around it on a browser.
We chose to work on the Cubist Orant, a small statuette from the Sumerian era, which apart from that, has no known history. We found it interesting to be able to imagine his fantastic story for ourselves in an attempt to interest
the young audience.

Narrative framework & Guidelines
3D, Prototypes & Copywriting Rémy Bourçois
Development An Truong - Robinson Lacotte - Nicolas Michot
Voice-over Damastès
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