"Douceurs sous la serre" project
Field Artistic Expression
Type School Workshop
School Gobelins, l'école de l'image

We worked on the theme "Jardin d'hiver" ("Winter garden" or "Conservatory") for this project. The goal was to create an art installation around which the viewer could move freely. After mindmapping our ideas, we chose to explore different concepts such as : temperature, isolation, vegetation, comfort and time. We ended up making a video installation called "Douceurs sous la serre" ("Sweetness in the greenhouse"). The video has an erotic dendrophile character and explores the concepts mentioned above through suggestive metaphors.


The installation is staged to look like a bonsai is sitting in front of a CRT TV. In the viewer's interpretation, the bonsai might be looking at an erotic film featuring plants and flowers touching, caressing eachother : the bonsai plant is humanized in a way.

Realisation Rémy Bourçois - Jean-Baptiste Krauss - Nathan Almeras
Editing & Post Nathan Almeras
Music The Dirty Games Of Dr. Love - Alex Puddu

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